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Dr.Robin Persinger DACM L.Ac.
Eastern Medical Physician

I am an Eastern medical physician and acupuncturist practicing in the San Diego area for over 10 years. I am a fanatic about natural healthcare but also believe in a healthy integration with your current health care plan. I have over 20 years of education and experience in the field and have helped many patients find a path to restorative health. In many cases chronic and acute ailments can be relieved using acupuncture and other natural approaches, such as diet therapy, herbal therapy and supplements, giving you the building blocks to restore your bodies natural pathways to cure ailments. Treatment plans are discussed and a safe effective plan is tailored for you. Acupuncture works to bring balance back to the body and restore systems. If you are looking for a natural solution for pain, injuries, insomnia, headaches, OBGYN issues, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety or just general relaxation call to see how you might benefit.


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located in the Bodhi Massage and Bodywork center


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Located at Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center
3678 4th Avenue
San Diego CA 92103

“Every time I visit Robin, I feel completely transformed. Not only is my session restful and relaxing, but the issues we discuss actually feel better afterwards! I’ve been in multiple auto accidents and Robin’s sessions have provided the most significant relief I can find. Highly recommended!”
-Nicole R.
Bodhi Massage & Wellness Center Client

" pain was gone for the first time in years. I can say (the treatment) was 100% painless (for me)..., I remember sitting o the chair by our table and just laughing...I could sit, I could stand and all pain free!!! You have a gift and I hope people get over the needle scare and experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture." - L. Enyedi

" I have been seeing Robin for years and can say that her treatments have made all the defference for me. Acupuncture was the only form of treatment that really worked. I always feel completely rejuvenated afterwards." - J. Morrow

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